Band or DJ?

Entertainment can make or break your wedding, so it's important to give serious thought to what sort you'll be providing at your wedding. You'll need to factor in your budget, the ages of your guests, and the sort of atmosphere you're hoping to achieve during your reception.



  • You've got a large budget for entertainment. Bands typically run upward of $3000, while DJ's can be hired for around $1000.
  • Your guest list includes older generations. Wedding bands are used to entertaining three generations, and won't leave the older crowd hanging.
  • You love live entertainment, and the classic feel of a band. A wedding band gives of a certain feel you're unlikely to get with a DJ, and can set up a swanky atmosphere.


  • You're a purist. Because each band brings its own flavor to a song, and no one performs a song like the original artist.
  • You want an emcee. DJs are more likely to coordinate toasts and direct guests than a band.
  • You're in a small space. Bands take up a lot more room than a DJ table.


  • You'd rather spend the money elsewhere. Renting a good sound system would be your only major entertainment cost should you decide to go the DIY route. Your venue may even have one you can use!
  • You've got mainstream tastes. Don't plug in a playlist that no one is going to recognize or enjoy. Just because you might love some obscure song doesn't mean it will be a hit with your guests, and you want everyone to be able t enjoy themselves.
  • You have a friend willing to man the iPhone. You'll need someone who can read the room and switch the playlist without an awkward break in the action.

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