Timeless Bridesmaids Dresses


We’ve all had this experience: You’re flipping through an old wedding album—even one from just a few years back—and your eyes land on the bridesmaid dresses. The inevitable question pops into your mind: What exactly was the bride thinking?

Fashion can be the first thing to date photographs, and the bridesmaid dress is often the true test of timelessness. A bridal gown might age a bit if the bride opts for an aggressively modern style, but bridesmaid dresses tend to reflect the times far more than the Brides dress.
So how can you incorporate your favorite wedding trend into your bridesmaids’ dresses, but still have Timeless Bridesmaids Dresses?
CHOOSE YOUR COLOR WISELY: If you’re going to go bold, color is safer than silhouette. You’re much more likely to regret a quirky fashion trend than a certain shade. You like that color, that’s why you chose it! Plus, colors come in and out of style much faster than sleeve shapes or hemlines. And many colors are simply timeless
CLASSIC IS CLASSIC: Don’t choose a silhouette or style that is absolutely everywhere, because chances are it will age quickly. That being said, occasionally there’s an exception: Lace. Lace is a classic fabric, but it’s been more commonly associated with the bride than with her attendants. But now, you can find gorgeous lace bridesmaid dresses all over the place—and safely look back on your pictures.
ACCESSORIZE: When thinking about how to pull off your theme, try not to be too literal. You really don’t need much to convey a certain vibe. Accessories are a perfect way to infuse your theme into your bridesmaids without turning their attire into a costume.
FLOWERS: Instead of relying on the dress to carry off the theme, let the flowers do the work! Your girls will totally shine in a neutral dress with a bouquet of brightly colored flowers.

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