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4 Reasons Your Best Friend is not Your Wedding Planner

Published March 1st, 2017 by Unknown

Obviously your best friend knows you better than anyone else in the entire world, right? So they'd obviously be the first choice to hire to help with your wedding... right?


Of course we want to support our friends, but there's a difference between a professional and a friend who happens to own a fancy camera, or a friend who likes to cook and a professional caterer.

1.) A Professional has Experience - As the wedding couple, you'll have no time to coach your friend on what you want to happen. A professional will already have the experience to know how a wedding should flow, to anticipate not only what comes next but what to do if something doesn't happen according to plan.

2.) A Professional is Committed to You - When you sign a contract with a professional, you're sealing the deal. They are officially 100% committed to you for the day(s) you've signed them on for. There's been many unfortunate opportunities where "friends" asked to perform a job for the wedding show up too late, or don't show up at all. Don't jeopardize your big day; leave it to the professionals.

3.) Your Friends are your Guests - They're important people in your life. You should want them to spend time with them and have them enjoy themselves at the party, not worry about having to work.

4.) Don't Potentially Strain your Relationship - Relationships can very quickly turn sour if the friend you've 'hired' doesn't produce the results your expecting, or if your friend decides to hold a grudge for having to work for free while everyone else enjoys themselves. If you hire a professional, there's no risk of creating that strain; if anything, there's the opportunity to build a new friendship.

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