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8 Things Brides Forget to Do

Published February 3rd, 2014 by Unknown

The Big Day is approaching quickly and it’s easy to get caught up in the revelry of it all. Here is a list of the most common tasks/items that brides either forget entirely or handle at the last minute:

1. BRING THE MARRIAGE LICENSE: An important part of making it ‘official!’ Check with the jurisdiction where your ceremony will take place about any deadlines for applying for your marriage license well in advance of your wedding date.

2. VENDOR MEALS: Be sure you remember to feed the people that are working nonstop to make your day flawless Don’t forget to include the number of vendors you’ll have so that the venue can prepare simple meals for them, separate from your guests. Most venues will count your vendor meals at reduced prices, so be sure to include your DJ, photographer, videographer (and any second shooters), as well as your planner and their assistants.”

3. FAVORS: By no means are favors required, but they are a fantastic detail that each of your guests will appreciate! So don’t make your favors an afterthought — think about what you’ll present your guests as a ‘thank-you’ for coming at least two months in advance of your wedding date, so that you can place the bulk order of the items in time, and also personalize each one for that finishing touch.”

4. GUESTBOOK & PENS: Include something for your guests to leave their well-wishes for you upon arriving at your reception…Many brides that leave this to the last minute might make a trip to a local book store for a coffee table book that’s characteristic of the place where they’re getting married or something that is special to the couple. This could be a favorite recipe book for cocktails or a book of historic mansions in the city where your nuptials take place. Also, don’t forget the pens!”

5. INVITATIONS TO BE PHOTOGRAPHED: Brides should remember to pack at least one invitation and any other stationery details (rehearsal dinner invites, shower invites, save-the-dates) that were mailed out during the engagement to be photographed.

6. CAKE KNIFE & TOASTING FLUTES: You may receive these as a gift at your shower, opt to purchase your special set on your own, or use ones that have been handed down to you by parents or family members. When packing up your items to be placed at the reception, be sure to remember to pack your cake knife and toasting flutes (and keep the original packaging to avoid breakage)

7. THANK YOU NOTES: It’s easy to let things fall by the wayside in the aftermath of your big day as the dust begins to settle, but your thank-you notes to your guests should be sent out no later than two months after your big day. Carve out fifteen minutes each day to dedicate to writing these notes, so that you don’t get overwhelmed…Also, don’t forget the important people in your life, including your parents, family members, and bridal party that were there with you through the planning from the beginning.

8. ONLINE REVIEWS: The people that have worked so hard to make your wedding day dreams come to fruition are often forgotten once the big day has passed. The best thank-you you can give your vendors is an honest review online and an email follow up. That is the only way that your vendors can continue to improve the level of service they provide to future brides, so your feedback is very important! Plan to carve out time to review your vendors within 3 months of the big day so that your thoughts are still fresh in your mind”

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