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Guide to Creating Your Dream Wedding. Step Three: Get Organized!

Published September 5th, 2015 by Unknown

You’ve chosen the theme for your big day, but before you can really begin planning you need to get organized.

Determine your system:

Whether it’s a binder, a file box, or some other custom method that better fits your needs, you should have a system of organizing contracts, correspondence with vendors, contact information, and anything else pertaining to your wedding.

Determine your guest list:

This is often the most dreaded of wedding tasks, but it’s essential to get this step taken care of quickly. Not only will this make your life easier when it comes to ordering and sending out save-the-dates and invitations, but it will give you a more realistic idea of the scale of your wedding and allows you time to make necessary changes.

Determine your budget:

Another dreaded but essential task of planning a wedding, make sure you set a realistic budget for yourself. Whether your budget is $2000 or $200,000, it is needed to give you direction in the planning process. And remember, a wedding does not need a large price tag to be fabulous!

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