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How To Handle Difficult Wedding Guests

Published March 6th, 2016 by Unknown

From one-uppers and picky eaters to jealous relatives and constant complainers, there are some guests who can turn your happily-ever-after into a nightmare. In a recent interview with Brides.com, D'Asigner Events was asked for advice on how to deal with these hard-to-please guests.

The Self-Appointed Wedding Planner: You know the one. This is the person who starts questioning the timeline, rearranging decor to their tastes, or directing guests. "While this person probably means well, they can be a real pain in the you know what, especially if there's a paid wedding planner running the wedding," says Lynn D'Ascanio of D'Asigner Events. "My solution for this is an enthusiastic, 'Thank you so much for your help, but you're here to be a guest not a worker! Please relax and have fun. I've got this!'"

The Jealous Relative: They're in a bad mood and you'll never know why, though they'll have no trouble letting everyone around them know it. "They have a constant frown on their face and don't attempt to hide their distain," says Lynn. "As a wedding planner, I'm often informed ahead of time because the bride and groom know to expect the bad behavior." Usually, the problem is nothing more than jealousy over the amount of attention being paid to the bride and groom. Her solution? "I make attempts to smile and chat with these individuals, asking them if they're comfortable, need anything or have a song they'd like the DJ to play. Just simple thoughtful gestures that only take seconds but make them feel important."

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