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Inclement Weather on your Wedding Day

Published September 10th, 2017 by Unknown

Rain, rain go away.....

I am writing this blog as Hurricane Irma is storming her way through the state of Florida: September 10, 2017

Sadly, I had to help a Bride cancel her wedding this week: She arrived into town for her destination wedding with hopes that the hurricane would take a turn to the north into the Atlantic Ocean. A few days later, the county issued a mandatory evacuation for all tourists. I could tell she was fighting back tears when she called me asking "What am I going to do?"

It's not a subject most Brides want to discuss or think about when they are planning the most important day of their lives. Weather does not discriminate. It doesn't matter where you live, inclement weather is considered an "act of God" and cannot be controlled.

You can however, have a "Plan B backup plan". As a professional wedding planner in the Florida Keys, discussing the "Plan B backup plan" is always a part of the overall planning process especially when planning an outdoor wedding ceremony and reception.

When booking an outdoor wedding with a reputable venue, make sure they have backup indoor space of equal size to accommodate all of your guests. If they don't have such a space, ask them what there policy is on renting a tent on their property.

Did you know you can purchase Wedding Insurance? Travelers Insurance is one of the most popular and trusted insurance companies. You can purchase many different levels of insurance based on the items you want to protect. Some venues will require you to purchase "event insurance" to hold them harmless against any guest injuring themselves during your particular event. (most injuries are due to alcohol consumption) Insurance can also protect you against inclement weather that causes you to have to cancel your wedding. It can also help you get your money back from the vendors and venues.

So getting back to my Bride that needed to cancel her wedding this weekend: because she entrusted D'Asigner Events as her Wedding Planner, the preferred vendors I recommended to her...... will all be issuing full refunds. Should she decide to re-schedule, we will work together diligently to maker her dream wedding a reality.

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